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• The article is about how to keep technology use in check by setting rules, boundaries and limits.
• It suggests five practical tips to help parents set tech boundaries with their children, including involving kids in the decision-making process, setting realistic goals and expectations, monitoring usage, enacting consequences for misuse and teaching appropriate online behavior.
• The article also provides resources that can help parents create a family media plan or agreement.

Setting Technology Boundaries with Kids


Technology has become an integral part of our lives. As parents, it’s important to set rules and boundaries for our children when it comes to using technology. This article provides five practical tips on how to do this effectively.

Involve Children in Decision Making

It is important to involve your children in the decision-making process when it comes to establishing guidelines for technology use. Ask them what they think is reasonable and allow them to have a say in the outcome of the conversation. This will help them understand why certain rules are being put into place and give them a sense of ownership over their own digital lives.

Set Realistic Goals & Expectations

When setting tech boundaries with your children, be sure to include realistic goals and expectations. Establish clear rules about how much time they are allowed on devices each day or week as well as any other activities they should be doing instead of technology use (e.g., reading books). Be sure that everyone understands these rules so there is no confusion down the line.

Monitor Usage & Enact Consequences

Once you have established tech boundaries with your children, it’s important to monitor their usage regularly and enforce any consequences if necessary. If they’re not following the agreed-upon guidelines, then talk through why that happened and come up with an appropriate consequence together — such as taking away privileges or having more restrictions placed on device usage — so that everyone knows what will happen if those same mistakes are made again in future.

Teach Appropriate Online Behavior

In addition to setting rules about device usage, it’s important for parents to also teach their children appropriate online behavior so they know how best to interact with others online (e.g., avoid cyberbullying). Talk through potential scenarios your child could face while using technology so they can learn how best handle themselves in those situations before they actually happen — this will help ensure everyone stays safe while navigating the digital world!

Resources Available

Finally, there are many resources available online that can help families create a family media plan or agreement which outlines specific guidelines for technology use within the household (e.g., Common Sense Media’s Digital Compass). Utilizing these tools can make navigating tech boundaries easier for both parents and kids alike!