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Kenya Suspends Worldcoin Over Privacy Worries: Price Jumps 3.85%

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• Kenya has suspended Worldcoin activities in the country due to concerns about illegal data collection.
• The government’s decision could be a setback for Worldcoin, since it had the largest sign-ups from Kenya prior to launch.
• Network activity has improved within the last week, with an increase in active addresses and WLD joining new exchanges.

Kenya Suspends Worldcoin Over Privacy Concerns

The Kenyan government recently announced that it has suspended all activities of Worldcoin [WLD] due to concerns about “illegal” data collection. This decision could be a major setback for the project as Kenya had one of the highest registrations before its public launch.

Worldcoin Popularity Among Kenyans

Before officially launching, users from Kenya registered in droves for Worldcoin. Following its public launch, searches related to WLD were still high among Kenyans and social dominance further increased. In response, the price of WLD surged by 3.85% in the last 24 hours prior to this suspension being announced.

Government Decrees Suspension

The Kenyan Ministry of Interior and National Administration released an announcement stating their concern with the project’s data collection through iris scanning using “Orb” technology. As such, they have immediately suspended all activities related to Worldcoin until relevant agencies certify that there are no risks posed to citizens whatsoever.

Network Activity Improving

Since 25 July, active address numbers on the network have increased from fewer than 10,000 to 393,000 – indicating increasing speculation around WLD tokens and improved network activity overall. Development metrics have also decreased slightly at 0.182 according to Santiment’s tracking tool..

How Much Are 1,10,100 WLDS Worth?

At press time 1 WLD is worth $0.43 USD and 100 WLDS is worth $43 USD while 1,10,100 WLDS is worth $4530 USD .