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Lots of new features – Dash drives upgrades, “simplified payment” goes into the alpha phase

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Dash Core Group is improving its blockchain platform with new upgrades, and payment service DashPay is going alpha.

The block chain platform Dash has transferred the development of the update v0.17 in the testing phase, as shown in a press release on Wednesday stating

In July 2020, Cointelegraph had already reported that the Dash Core Group wanted to switch to the test network with this version before the end of the year.

As Dash explains in the press release, the test network is five times larger than the Evonet development network, which is operated almost exclusively by the Dash Core Group. Dana Alibrandi, Dash’s Product Manager, explains:

This is the most extensive expansion of the Dash platform, which is why this release is the most important milestone to date in achieving our long-term goal of mass suitability.“

In the details of the update version v.017, Dash states that, among other things, a security gap in credit minting has been closed, and the light client is even better supported

After the transfer from v.017 to the test network, the next step on the agenda for Dash is the development of v.018. This update is due to come at the end of January or the beginning of February, with further improvements for the light client as well as improved functionality of iOS and Android apps being included.

In addition, Dash is now known that the payment system DashPay in the alpha phase goes. In contrast to the usual crypto transactions, which are processed via long and difficult to read wallet addresses, DashPay wants to make it possible to simplify this payment process by using more easily readable addresses.

Although other crypto companies already offer a similar service within a closed ecosystem , Dash would be able to use this function for the entire blockchain network.

Contact lists and avatars should also simplify the payment process. However, the start of the “social payment wallet” is not planned for the end of 2021.