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USDT Available on Interchain: Kava Blockchain Brings Cost-Efficient Transfers

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• Cosmos announced that USDT would be available on Interchain with Kava blockchain facilitating its launch.
• This development will make it easier and more cost efficient for DeFi users to transfer funds from one chain to another.
• This new development may unlock more visibility for the Kava network, potentially leading to a surge in market cap.

Cosmos Launches USDT on Interchain

Cosmos [ATOM] recently announced that the platform’s native cryptocurrency, USDT, is now available on Interchain. The Kava blockchain will facilitate the launch of USDT on interchain, making it easier and more cost-efficient for DeFi users to transfer funds between chains.

Benefits of USDT Interchain Rollout

The rollout of USDT on interchain could have some advantages from a utility point of view. For example, users will have easier access to liquidity across multiple DeFi platforms as well as an easy way to use DeFi with native USDT transferable within the interchain ecosystem.

Impact On KAVA Network

This major development could unlock more visibility for the Kava network and its native cryptocurrency. In turn, this could lead to a significant surge in market cap for the network and its associated tokens.

Interoperability Achieved Through IBC Protocol

The ability to move assets between blockchains is made possible through Cosmos‘ interoperability protocol known as IBC (Inter-Blockchain Communication). Through IBC, assets can be moved easily and securely without expensive swaps or bridging services being required.


Cosmos‘ latest announcement is part of its vision of creating an internet of blockchains – allowing seamless transfers between networks while keeping them secure and cost-efficient. With Kava’s support in facilitating USDT’s rollout on interchain, this could open up even greater possibilities for DeFi users looking to move assets around different chains quickly and efficiently.